Basic Needs & Rights

Business and society both stand to gain from increased global prosperity. When more people feel safe and earn decent livings, their families, communities and the larger economy can thrive. We’ve made significant progress toward reducing global poverty rates — halving extreme poverty 5 years ahead of the Millennium Development Goals 2015 target. However, one-third of the world’s population still lives on less than US$2 per day and many lack access to the basic needs and rights required to lead healthy, secure and productive lives.

Societal Must-Have

    Achieve basic needs and human rights.

    By 2020, accelerate progress towards universal access to basic needs and human rights for all:

    • Ensure protection, respect and access to effective remedy for internationally recognized human rights

    • Halve the number of people who suffer from under-nutrition and hunger

    • Halve the number of people without access to modern energy services

    • Reduce the proportion of people living in slums by 20%

    • Achieve universal access to primary healthcare

    • Achieve universal access to high quality primary education.

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