Exposure to Harmful Substances

Expanded global economies and advances in medicine, agriculture and technology have caused a rapid rise in the development and use of potentially harmful substances around the world. While some substances are known to have a negative impact on ecosystems, including humans, we still do not fully understand the impact from interactions between many compounds and the environment. Sound management practices, as well as compliance and monitoring efforts to reduce exposure to harmful substances, are not consistently applied across the globe today.

Societal Must-Have

    By 2020, globally apply responsible management and stewardship practices for all products and activities throughout their value chain and discontinue releases that have significant adverse impacts on the environment or human health.

    By 2020:

    • All relevant industry sectors raise the bar by applying equivalent best available practices and legislative standards for harmful substances management and product stewardship across their global operations

    • All relevant industry sectors provide easy-to-understand, timely, actionable information on risk-assessment and management of harmful substances across value chains and sectors, to improve the global understanding and management of risk

    • All relevant actors in the value chain create greater market pull for more sustainable solutions contributing to reduce the impact of harmful releases, and increase the market share of these solutions.

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