Water is one of our most precious assets—sustaining all life on Earth. Water has tremendous economic value for uses ranging from household needs to agriculture to energy and industrial operations. In short, we depend on water for nearly every aspect of our lives. But in a world where billions of people already lack access to safe water, we risk facing major supply issues in the future if our current pace of consumption continues or grows.

Societal Must-Have

    Managing water sustainability for all users.

    By 2020, water of adequate quality and quantity is shared among all users and is in a more sustainable balance with the limits of renewable water resources and ecosystem requirements.

    • Significantly reduce the rate of agricultural water withdrawals in water stressed aquifers and river basins, relative to 2012 baseline.

    • Significantly reduce the amount of all untreated wastewater discharge, relative to 2012 baseline.

    • Significantly accelerate the progressive realization of the human right to water and sanitation, relative to 2012 baseline.

    • Make significant effort in improving watershed collaboration between all stakeholders to reduce shared water risks.

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